Ademco Alarms by Honeywell

Honeywell Ademco Alarms is a preferred security system when it comes to choosing alarm installation for home or a business. The main reason behind this is reliability and how user friendly and easy to use the Honeywell Ademco Alarms are. These alarms are great for family home security and they act as a reliable commercial business alarm system.

Honeywell Ademco Security System

Ademco security systems have been tailored to a number of different customers. They range from basic alarm keypads to graphical alarms with colour LCD display and more options. Depending on your needs and budget we can install the following Ademco Alarm Systems; Lynx, Vista, Tuxedo and more. See below for some our of the ademco alarms we stock;

Criminals will wait for the right time to strike, if you do not have an alarm your could lose everything, that’s why it’s important to make it as hard as possibly for them. Having a Honeywell Ademco Alarm provides an extra layer of security.

Alarm batteries are an important aspect of keeping your Honeywell Ademco Alarm working. If you have not replaced you battery in 2 years you may need an Honeywell Ademco alarm compatible battery, check out our Ademco battery page:

Deciding on a Honeywell Ademco alarm?

Honeywell Ademco Alarm systems can inform emergency authorities such as police stations, Back to base guard, or an ambulance that a situation is occurring and immediate assistance is required.

Having an alarm installed is always a useful option which can provide you the utmost security. There are various kinds of alarm systems that are available on the market which you could pick from.

The following aspects could be helpful for you to decide on a specific alarm system:

Security System Installation (DIY vs Professional)

Many people tend to consider a do-it-yourself option for burglar alarm installation because the assumption is, ‘If I do it myself I may save some money’. Unless you actually know what you are doing it will a very tedious long task and may not be installed the right way. You also run the risk of it failing at the worst possible time due to it been not installed properly. This is quite risky and can cost you a lot more then an alarm installation in the end. When a Honeywell Ademco alarm is installed by Ademco Alarms NSW, we provide warranty on the unit and also a guarantee on the work.

Panel and Sensors Installation

You have the option of how you wish to secure your house or commercial property. You can do this with a number of sensors which trigger the Honeywell Ademco Alarm; Door sensors, Wall sensors, Window sensors and other triggers.

Additional Alarm Services

Another way to add an extra layer of security to your Honeywell Ademco Alarm is back to base alarm monitoring. Almost every Honeywell Ademco alarm model is compatible with back to base. This service is comprised of a security team which monitors your alarm for any signals of intrusion, 24/7. You can choose how the security team responds, they can contact you when there is a trigger which set off the alarm or they can send out a security guard to the property, or even send our emergency services such as police.

Honeywell Ademco is one example of a firm which caters good-quality safety and security tools. The business provides different sorts of electronic security systems, emergency alarm and also the majority of especially alarm systems. The equipment they have are both effective to make use of in your home and for business purposes.


With Back to Base Alarm Response Units!

Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Service for your Honeywell Ademco Alarm System

A back to base service is an extension to your security system. It was on a very simple concept but one a vital one at the same time; if your alarm initiates and you are not at home to disable it, our back to base security guard centre is contracted immediately. The guards watch and monitor your alarm 24/7. At the first sign of any intrusion they will contact you to notify you about the alarm sounding off. If you are not not reachable or confirm it was not you or anyone you know about at the house that triggered the alarm we quickly send out a professional security guard. The security guard will arrive and quickly assess the situation and act accordingly. If there is no sign of intrusion they will report this to you straight away. If the alarm response guards see signs of intrusions they will investigate immediately and call the authorities. They will wait at the property until the police arrive and will file a complete report on what has happened. We will also provide this report to your insurance company to help assist with any claim process. So stay protected with 24/7 Back to Base Alarm monitoring for your Honeywell Ademco home / business alarm!

Back to base alarm


$1 / day + GST


Are you having problems with your alarm? Is it going off without you arming it or doing anything? We repair all alarm brands including Honeywell Ademco. If your alarm is not arming properly or it’s sounding off without you doing anything at all, it sounds like there is a fault and it needs a service, we will test all wiring including the alarm keypad and conduct all repairs required and have your alarm working properly the same day! Get in touch today!


Have you moved into a new property and the real estate agent / previous owner hasn’t provided you with master code for the alarm? We Can Help! Our professional alarm engineers can reset the alarm master code, which will allow you to set up your own master code. So get protected today! Have your Alarm Master code reset right-a-way!